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Our Leaders

Get to know our pastoral staff and leadership at Whitehouse.

Josh & Rebeka Johns

Lead Pastors

Josh & Rebeka became the Lead Pastors of Whitehouse Assembly in 2016. Before coming to Whitehouse they both served on staff at Oceanway Assembly for 10 years where they met. They soon became friends and eventually fell in love with each other. They tied the knot in 2010 and now have 6 beautiful children; two older daughters, Zephyra and Juniper, son Joshua, little sister Eternity, little brother Isaiah, and Ezekiel.


Josh is a three-year graduate of Jacksonville Master’s Commission, a young adults ministry school, and received his BS in Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University, as well as currently doing schooling for his MDIV. Rebeka has her MA in Christian Counseling from Regent University. Josh and Rebeka have a passion to connect people to God and community. They find joy in teaching people to be self-sufficient learners and doers of the Gospel. Their purpose at Whitehouse Assembly is to fulfill the Great Commission.

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